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Picture blocks

Picture blocksPicture blocks, a great way to frame those memories. Direct printed onto our high quality acrylic to create stunning gifts and moments in time.

Our acrylic is crystal clear with polished edges, it won't tarnish or discolour. Printing is direct onto the back of the block, not onto paper that is 'sealed' onto it, then overprinted in white. You can have the pictures translucent if you wish.
As mentioned, we digitally print directly to the reverse side of the block using eco friendly UV inks. They won't fade, the print will not scratch off or discolour, no solvent smell or unpleasant odor.
You have a choice of picture block size, either one of our standard sizes or go for a custom size if you wish. We also produce larger acrylic pictures for those empty spaces on your home or office walls. A picture block is best for the shelf or bedside cabinet and stands up on it's own.

So, a great gift for those great moments. Take a look below at our standard range but also remember it's your photo so give us a call for your size.

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