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Print onto many materials

Print onto many materialsPrint onto many different materials so the option is yours .

We'll tell you a little about our 'Print onto' service just so you have an idea of your options when it comes time for your choice of award materials!

The way we always use to do our printing was to use the screen method.
We would take your artwork and produce a possitive, produce the screen and print with variuos differnt types of ink depending on your material choice. We still do this but...
Now we've also gone digital. Digital printing is great for full colour artwork as well as spot colours and colour matching too. It's the full colour work that made up our mind this is the way to go. Within the 'Print onto' menu above you'll see a few of the options you'll have.
One of the other reasons we changed was we could offer a better turn around time for you.
With some of inks we use for screen printing do not allow us to print a second colour onto the first within 24 hours. Have a seven colour job? I hope you get our drift on that one. Digital printing allows us to print onto many materials in minutes rather than days.

By using eco friendly UV inks the print is cured within a second, no fumes, nothing bad for our staff or the enrironment. The quality? Photographic.
What can we print onto? Acrylic, glass, metal, plastic, wood, slate, ceramics, iPod/iPad/iPhone, (on them, not just on the protective cases) laptops. Call us, you never know...

So take a look, see what you think and just remember, we don't only print onto the materials mentioned in the menu. When we say, 'Print onto many materials', we mean it too. Oh, just one more thing... It doesn't scratch off either!

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