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Bespoke acrylic awards

Bespoke acrylic awardsBespoke acrlyic awards made to measure with many different options.

Acrylic, a wonderful material. As clear as glass, quite heavy which gives off a feeling of quality and can be shaped, printed, have objects and print inside, many options for you to think about.


Acrylic printing: Screen or digital printing. You can have print in full colour onto the front, back and even the inside of the acrylic.
Inside of the acrylic? Yes, we call this 'acrylic encapsulation'. Maybe if you have a core product that you wish to be part of the award then we can include it within the acrylic. A truly different bespoke acrylic award.
Would the award have to be a square or rectangle? No, you can have almost any shape you wish. We use computer aided CNC milling machines to do that job. So if you wish your award to be the same shape as your logo, it's an option.
The inclusions (encapsulation) and the shaping take a little longer than a recangle/square block and also cost more to produce. You would need to think about these option early on in the design proccess if time is short.

So take a look through the menu and get some ideas, together we'll make your bespoke acrylic awards stand out from the crowd.

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