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Award Makers and Designers

award makers

If you can describe it, we can make it.

Require something that little bit different?
Glass, metal, silver, gold, wood, acrylic?
All of them!

OK, we think you need to read on...


Your custom awards are designed and manufactured in-house, working closely with you and your budget.

You can have plastic look and feel like precious metals for the more budget concious projects.

Gold plate (and other precious metals) just about any material. Yes for the more technically minded that includes none conductive like plastic.

Cast acrylic with inclusions inside the award, print on the front, back, even the inside!
Cut glass to almost any shape, engrave, print, plate it, mount the glass on wood.
Just a few ideas but put basically, 'have an idea in mind?' We're award makers - That's what we help you do.

The image above show just one award we have recently produced.
It is a car's limited slip differential. Taken apart, cast into acrylic and mounted onto coloured acrylic and then engraved with the product's name.

Below left is a 'Polo' award, produced for a prestigious european car tour. Made from glass, metal and wood; the glass is deeply engraved with the 'Polo' wording, mounted on a glass rod into a wooden base. The base has brass plates attached on the front and back ready to receive the winners details.

On the right is a mock up of one of a quantity of awards we produced for a client that wished to recognise the efforts of their development teams. Made from acrylic, the award is printed on the front with text and logos. On the back is printed a picture of their core product.

So if all you have are ideas for custom awards, contacting us is a great way of getting that idea out of your head.

award makers mock up

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